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Timișoara 2023
2 martie 2023

European Echoes – open call for international projects (EN)

Partner up with the vibrant cultural scene of Timișoara – European Capital of Culture in 2023.
Opening Celebration in Union Square, Timișoara (17 February 2023)

European Echoes is the international cooperation and exchange platform of Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture. Funds are available for cultural and artistic projects to be carried out in Timișoara and other European cities. The deadline for small and medium-scale projects is March 15, while the deadline for large-scale projects is March 22.

See the full launch announcement here.

European Echoes works as an:

Outbound platform (from Timișoara to Europe). Your organisation can help document, develop, amplify and iterate the content of our programme at a European level. Projects ranging from exhibitions, shows and performance acts to artistic research, residencies and co-productions are eligible.

Inbound platform
(from Europe to Timișoara). The funding session aims to strengthen European and international collaborations as well as local and Romanian operators.

An important objective of the European Echoes programme is the transfer of know-how. Opportunities for interaction, contact points and transfer of practices from the European to the local context are encouraged.

The entire process for accessing the public funds from the Ministry of Culture through the Center for Projects will be made entirely in Romanian. Partnerships with local and/or national Romanian institutions and organisations are highly recommended.


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