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Open call for the Timișoara 2023 Curatorial Team

Deadline: 21 octombrie 2021
The Center for Projects of the Timișoara Municipality invites curators and experts with complementary attributes to form a unitary collective responsible, on behalf of the Timișoara City Hall, for the artistic coherence and strategic coordination of the „Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture” Programme.

The selection of the members of the Timișoara 2023 Curatorial Team will be done by a commission of independent experts with a solid experience and professional prestige in the fields of the positions for which candidates can apply.

Who can apply?

This call is addressed to curators and professional culture workers with at least 5 years experience in the conceptualization and implementation of cultural programs and projects.

The applicants will have to present relevant portfolios for the positions they are running for, from the perspective of their professional formation or the amplitude of the national/international projects they have worked on and their contributions to their impact. The connections to relevant local and international networks for Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture, as well as their familiarity to the local cultural scene and to the “European Capitals of Culture” action of the European Union are highly important.

The Timișoara 2023 Timișoara 2023 curatorial Team will be formed of 7 people with different roles, depending on their expertise and specialization:

  • Curator with relevant experience in themes and concepts like: personal and collective memories, analogical culture, interpersonal challenges in the digital era, cultural resilience, stereotypes, marginalisation, discrimination, oppression and overcoming of old lines of thought (with an accent on the People territory from the Bid Book);
  • Curator with relevant experience in themes and concepts like: democratisation of the common space, active citizenship in neighbourhoods and in the periphery, reclaiming public space, participatory urban planning, revitalization of industrial patrimony and of historical neighbourhoods and their intangible heritage, activation of neglected spaces (with an accent on the Places territory from the Bid Book);
  • Curator with relevant experience in the approach of themes and concepts like: interdependencies, diversity, similarities, migration, resettlement, free mobility, universality, intercultural dialogue, old and new paradigms, experiment, innovation, networks, connections over national territories and borders, spirituality, humanity (with an accent on the Connections territory from the Bid Book);
  • Expert with significant experience in the management of cultural production of large scale national / international events;
  • Expert with significant experience in the successful development and implementation of communications and marketing strategies for national/international projects and events in the cultural field;
  • Expert with significant experience in the development and implementation of audience growth strategies for cultural programs and organizations, including the introduction of innovative methods and instruments for cultural education and mediation;
  • Expert with significant experience in the facilitation of community relations and social inclusion, accessibility and participation to culture, attraction and involvement of marginalized and vulnerable groups in cultural activities.

The applicants we are looking for should speak English on a proficient levent and should have the ability and flexibility to work in teams or in a hybrid online-offline mode in Timișoara or remotely, on the entire duration of their mandate, up until the beginning of the year 2024. Travel costs will be covered by the Center for Projects of the Municipality of Timișoara.


30 September
Announcement of the open call for the Timișoara 2023 curatorial team
30 September – 21 October
Application period
22–26 October
Stage 1 – Preselection
Evaluation of the applicants by the selection committee
27–28 October
Stage 2 – Individual interviews with the preselected candidates
29 October
The announcement of the final results

Selection committee

Adriana Babeți
Ștefan Ghenciulescu
Ovidiu Hrin
Constantin Petcou
Raluca Voinea

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